Seika’s heritage is rooted in Old traditions. She is of Scottish, English and Norse backgrounds.

As a natural Intuitive & Medium, Seika offers knowledgeable answers to life questions. Think of her as your personal guide to help find solutions regarding Relationships, Business, Money, Anxiety, Grief, Anger or any other areas of concern. As a caring and compassionate person, Seika’s non-judgmental approach is something she offers to everyone; regardless of their background or beliefs. Her down to earth friendly personality makes her easy to talk to as she offers you her insight.

As a Psychic, she perceives, as a Medium she receives. Not all Psychics are Mediums and not all Mediums are Psychic, however, Seika is both. She considers Mediumship as one of the highest forms of healing often working with those in bereavement or those looking for answers. As an Intuitive, Psychic & Medium Seika is in partnership with spirit and a Master of her abilities, connecting the living and Spirit in this world. As a frequent guest on radio and TV shows Seika speaks about her gifts as an Intuitive, a Psychic & Medium and of her experience in the Paranormal. She is a sought-after lecturer and is respected in her fields of expertise.

Seika also works with many clients around the world including China, the UK and the USA.


Seika was honoured with the Diamond & Gold Awards – Favourite Psychic category in the 2015 & 2014 Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Awards! She has also received high praise and honourable mentions over many years and is currently nominated for best local attraction 2019 in the Niagara region.

Seika offers online services across the globe and shares readings, ceremonies and more. If you would like more information, please contact her here.