Guidelines for a Reading or Event

Set your intentions before you arrive. If wishing to connect with a loved one who has passed over ask that person to connect with you  at the specified time and date. Remember to breathe, relax and have fun. The more love and joy we feel , the higher the vibration, the easier to receive intuitive guidance!

What you can expect from Seika:

A professional, insightful and engaging reading offered in a friendly and welcoming environment.  I do my very best to make everyone feel at ease and comfortable during a session no matter how difficult or challenging some readings may be. I will never share your private information with anyone for any reason. Your privacy as well as mine is of the utmost importance.  I do not record readings to ensure this privacy. If you wish to record your reading please bring a digital recorder or a cell phone for this purpose.

What Seika expects:

  • You be open to change, release doubt and put aside negativity.
  • Let go of self-judgement and guilt in order to move into a more positive place.
  • Allow information and guidance as it is received without interruption.
  • Take ownership and responsibly of your own actions and choices. Remember we all have FREE WILL and the right to exercise it.
  • Understand the investment you are making toward your happiness and well being on your journey.
  • Accept the VALUE of my guidance as an aid to heal and move forward.


Gallery Events

These are some general guidelines for any Magic Northstar event.

These events (and any subsequent readings) are recommended for ages 18+ only. Ages 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Door closes promptly 15 mins before the event begins. Once the event begins the door will not be opened for late-comers.
  • Please set all cell phones to “Off ” or “Silent”.
  • Please do not interrupt when someone is giving a message. Once the person is done speaking you can validate, or ask for more clarification.
  • If you can add to the messages that are being delivered, please wait for the person to be done speaking and then add your impressions.
  • If you do not understand a message, please refrain from saying “No”. Many times if you can not validate a message during the event, the message may be validated, or will become more clear to you at a later time.
  • If you must get up to leave the room, please do so quietly.
  • Messages are not guaranteed for everyone in attendance.
  • All information shared is personal. Please respect if sharing with others afterwards.


* All consultations are given in the spirit of guidance and knowledge and are “for entertainment purposes only”. The opinions of Magic Northstar and associated Mediums are their own and may not align with your personal, spiritual, cultural, financial or familial situation. While we may offer advice or direction, your choices are ultimately your own – we do not take any responsibility for your actions. Messages are not guaranteed for every person in attendance at any event.

Tickets for Gallery Events are priced per event, to the maximum capacity of the venue. A non-refundable deposit, equivalent to no less than 50% of the total tickets available, must be paid in advance to secure the booking. The balance is due no less than one week prior to the event.

The organizer is responsible for all costs associated with the venue, including (but not limited to), PA, production, food & beverage, etc. Group rates may be available for larger events (+40 persons). Public Gallery Events hosted and arranged exclusively by Magic Northstar may occasionally offer discounted rates.

These events may take place just about anywhere; a residence, conference hall, auditorium, theatre, park site, cruise boat/ship, train…etc. – and Magic Northstar will travel. Travel expenses may be extra depending on the distance and duration. Locations beyond a 50km radius (of Hamilton, ON) will incur a minimum charge of $80 plus additional expenses for transportation, accommodation, etc. as required.

All details will be thoroughly discussed and agreed to before booking is confirmed.

To book an event, please contact us with as much information as possible.

A referral or consultation fee of 10% may be offered to a 3rd party for the booking of large events or group readings with 10 persons or more. The referral fee is calculated on amount after expenses have been paid. (Expenses include mileage, meals, accommodations, etc.)