Private Readings

Intuitive Readings are a way to help you find direction. This is not a “tell-you-what-you-want-to-hear” session, but rather guidance on what you need to know – or occasionally, an affirmation of what you already know, but are too unsure to follow! Because Seika is also a Medium, she may have other messages for you from those who have passed.

These readings may be accomplished with the use of divination objects; though these are not a requirement – the reading is not dependent on anything but you and the energies around/connected to you.

Seika offers readings using Rune Sticks & Stones, Objects, Charm Bones, Tea Leaves, Coffee Grounds or Scrying. Readings are available during the pandemic online, or as a group online event.

I came to ask for help – with a teacup reading. That was really an eye-opening thing for me … I was very impressed that you could point out my exact situation without knowing anything about me!
Zoey L.
Seika explained my problem clearly and gave advice and her description was exactly the same as what I had experienced. I was not so confused after she helped me figure things out. It is so amazing that she only used the cup and tea leaves to indicate the past, present, and future of things. Seika was patient and very nice while explaining it all to me.
Yan H.

Online & Private Readings are available by appointment only. Please enquire using our contact form.


NOTE: Prices are in USD unless otherwise mentioned. Clients in Canada may also pay using INTERAC eTransfer in Canadian Funds. Travel expenses may be extra depending on location.

Online readings include Seika’s unique Object or Bone readings, Tea Leaf Reading, and her own Northern Lights Oracle Deck reading via WeChat and Zoom.

Group Readings

Host a Group Reading online.

Divination tools supplied by Seika for whichever method is preferred. All you need to add are friends!

Readings are done in a fun and informative manner – hosting a party is a unique way to spend a few hours.

Readings last approx. 10 minutes per person. Please be sure that you are all agreeable to have each other’s reading heard by all parities online.  A minimum of 8 people is required. Please contact us for rates.

Spirit Circles

Séance /ˈseɪ.ɑːns/ : An attempt to communicate with spirits. From the French word for “seat,” “session” or “sitting,” from the Old French “seoir,” “to sit.”

Currently unavailable during pandemic.

A Spirit Circle is a Mediumship group event (aka Séance) – used to communicate messages to those present, from those who have passed. While there is no guarantee that everyone will receive a message (nor is there a guarantee the message will come from the spirit/person you expect it to), the messages that are received are passed on as affirmations and often bring closure to many individuals/families.

A minimum of 8 people is required. Please contact for rates.

Spirit Drawings

Spirit Drawings are offered for those who may wish a physical image of a loved one or spirit who has passed and is reaching out to them in communication. It may simply be a spirit who is near, guiding or watching over you.

Spirit drawings are a unique experience and not offered as part of a regular reading.

Appointments must be made in advance. The cost is $250 per portrait and reading is included. The process takes about 1½ hours and the portrait is 11″ x 14″.

Spirit Drawings are offered for individuals only.

Seika may also be available for:

  • Cruises
  • Conferences
  • Dinner Events
  • Team Building
  • Private Parties
  • Social Groups
  • etcetera…

* All information shared with us is held in the strictest of confidence. Readings are not recorded or photographed. All consultations are given in the spirit of guidance and knowledge. We believe our advice to be of good and positive benefit – how you choose to apply that advice is your prerogative. The opinions of Magic Northstar and associated Mediums are their own and may not align with your personal, spiritual, cultural, financial or familial situation. While we may offer advice or direction, your choices are ultimately your own – we do not take any responsibility for your actions. Messages are not guaranteed for every person in attendance at any event.