Have you ever wanted to expand your knowledge or become a lifelong practitioner of all things magical? Magic Northstar offers online courses over the Zoom platform or WeChat to assist you in your magical pursuits!

All courses listed are 1.5 hours per lesson over a six-week period. You will be sent a private Zoom link and password that will be used to access the learning session and this will remain the same for the duration of the course. Your email will be used to authorize your admission to the course and all course fees must be paid in full no later that one week prior to the beginning of the course. A webcam & microphone are required, headphones/earbuds recommended. We strongly recommend you use a computer, laptop or tablet to participate- anything smaller may make certain visual elements difficult to see.

All prices listed are in USD and are for the full 6-week period. One class per week, 1.5 hrs duration each class, over the Zoom platform. After registering, we will contact you and send an invoice. You may pay with most major cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay. If you reside in Canada you may use e-transfer directly from your bank account.

$500 USD – each course. Private, one to one class.

All courses are taught during Eastern Standard Time so please be sure that your schedule is flexible enough to attend each week at the given time and day. There are no make up classes during the run of a course, however if you have missed a class you can apply to make it up on the next subsequent course date available.

  • The Beginner Witch – The basis of this course is to introduce you to the world of magic. To teach you some of the more popular forms of magic practices and the energies from which these practices draw upon. You will also learn the difference between Witchcraft and Wicca. In addition to the basics on the background of magical practices you will also learn what role an altar plays, the tools of practice, as well as how to ready yourself for magical practice.
  • A Modern Look At The History Of Magic – Magic is as old as mankind, yet people often do not understand the principles or purpose of it in their lives. This course outlines the ancient beginnings and takes you along the magical path toward the modern uses of magic. If you have ever felt the call toward the magical life, you are not alone; discover why some people are more inclined to follow the path than others.
  • Practical Magic – What is Practical Magic? Is it a movie? Yes, but it is also so much more. This course is an introduction to using Practical Magic. Learn how to discover your energies, how to work with nature as your guide and so much more. This course is designed to help anyone who has an interest in learning how to apply their own energies, with those in the universe, to guide them on a Practical Life Path.
  • Herbal Witchcraft – This course walks you through the use of Magical plants and oils for good spell casting. Learn how to connect with nature and tap into it’s amazing energy to assist your abilities. We will discuss preparing infusions, Cleansing the body and mind, spell casting with herbs, kitchen witchery and more.
  • Tinctures, Potions and Elixirs – Specifically designed for you to learn how to create energy filled tinctures, potions and elixirs for personal use.  You will learn what the difference is between the three, how to make several in each category and how they are used in very specific ways.
  • Alchemy & Mysticism – Alchemy is thousands of years old and while we are no longer trying to turn base metals into gold, the process can be applied to base potions in spell casting. Mysticism spans all cultures, each with their own personal beliefs. This course explores the concepts of both Alchemy & Mysticism from Medieval European concepts to present day application. Learn the ancient concepts that were used to create a unique and powerful magical method that can assist you in a most powerful way. 
  • Developing Your Intuition – Using a simple series of  exercises that allow you to explore development of our most important natural tool, intuition you will learn to expand on the following: Direct Intuition, Indirect Intuition, Subtle Messages, Which Sense Works Best For You, Dreams & Altered States, How To Ask Yourself A Question & Receive an Answer, Focus Your Love, and Real Practice. Some exercises will be more effective and joyful for you than others. Experimentation is part of developing one’s intuition. To enhance your learning, you will learn how to keep an Intuition Journal. Your journal will help you keep a record of what has happened, evaluate your intuition, and assist you in what exercises work best for you.
  • Spell Writing/Crafting With Intention – No more online searches looking for a spell or incantation that works for you. This course will teach you how to write and craft your very own with effective results. No need to call on the Sanderson Sisters or Harry Potter for their magical help. This course is designed to enhance your own natural skills and take you from concept to incantation. You will learn not only what works in terms of words, but how to use your own intention to spark the energy and intention needed to carry your spell to its intended goal.
  • The Four Seasons and Rituals – These rituals are what Seika has used for years to best represent the four seasons. They are not particular to any one style of magical practice and can be crafted to your very own intentions. This course offers you guidance and understanding of the four seasons, what they represent metaphysically and how to harness the power of the cycles to enhance your own magical practice.
  • Moon Magic – Everyone loves the subtle and awe-inspiring presence of the moon. Her silvery face shining down, illuminating even the darkest of places. The Moon Magic course will introduce you to the “science” behind the moon’s magnetic pull, as well as how to harness her majestic energy for your own practice. Each phase of the moon can be used to enhance spell casting, intention and spell creation, cleansing your ritual tools and objects, as well as harnessing her glorious glow for strong intuitive practice.
  • Tea Leaf Reading (Beginner Level) – Learn the history of tea reading and what teas are best for readings. Discover which teacups & saucers work best and how to properly prepare a cup of tea and set the mood for a reading. This course is meant for those who have never taken a prior course as it will begin with the basics. Week 1 focuses on the history and what teas and implements work best. Week 2 through 4 will focus on symbology and practice readings.

If you have any questions, or require more information, please contact Seika.

Magic Course Registration

Magic Course Registration

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After registering, we will contact you and send an invoice -you may pay with most major cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay.