On Being A Medium…

I have decided to explain how I feel and WHAT it is like to be a Medium. Please note this is my opinion. It may not coincide with yours nor may it follow any beliefs you may or may not have in regards to these abilities.  The conversation may seem a bit disjointed because I was covering off other questions and comments made to me at the time. If you wish to comment please be respectful and I am happy to discuss and open to conversation.

The question on the public board was: Is Mediumship Fake or Real?

My Response: I would like to start by saying I am a MEDIUM & Intuitive. For those of you who disbelieve in our abilities or gifts you are entitled to your opinions but please think twice before labelling ALL as FAKES or FRAUDS or out to make a buck off people’s grief.
I have for the better part of 25 years given “readings” to folks for FREE. I recently started to charge for my time as like anyone who works with their skills I believe I am entitled to be paid for my services. That being said ANY information I give to people regarding their lives etc.. is NOT random or pulled from some well of information I find online or ahead of time. Most people I speak with I have NEVER met and have no connection to.
I would also like explain the difference for me between an intuitive reading and offering a message (mediumship) from a person who has passed. These are 2 completely different things and while messages will often come through during an intuitive reading they are not always connected. When I sit down with someone to read them it is based on their energy in that moment. A reading should not be what people WANT to hear but what they NEED to hear. I am very upfront in stating most of the information I am giving is not unknown to the person receiving, but they are often not identifying with it because of a situation, emotions or because they are to close to see the bigger picture and look at it from a different perspective. All the answers come from that individual and their energy.
As a medium I work with spirit  when they allow. The answers and information have nothing to do with me or what I think. Messages come in the form of images, smells, sounds or even the “spirit” speaking to me.
Yes, it sounds crazy and I will be the first to admit I often wonder WHY or HOW I get this information but after many years I have learned to accept it. I have no way of knowing ahead of time the names, dates, ages, ailments or any of the other information passed on to me. I have however been able to validate over and over the information by the people I am giving it to as well as via documents, historical information etc… I can assure you I am not privy to this before hand. Some of these experiences have happened in locations I would have never expected and with no one there to pass the information on to.  Just know if a spirit wishes to get a message to me they are likely trying to get a message to you and you are not listening. They come to people like me because we can acknowledge them, this is how it works.
Understand most of us who have this gift do not dash up to people in public and blurt out a message as it appears Theresa does on Long Island Medium. When I receive information in a public place I NEVER go up to a person and pass the info along in grandstanding manner. What people are all missing is that while Theresa APPEARS to do this, it is set up is for television.
Another question was raised regarding the Fishing of information in gallery events. I have been to a few and have conducted t several myself. It happens, sometimes intentionally sometimes not. I can always tell when other “Psychics” are fishing for information but that is because I understand how it works. It doesn’t always mean we aren’t legit and for me it shows is a level of insecurity by the psychic and a need to validate. I understand what it is like to be a conduit for this.
All I can say is have an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism as I myself do and question things, but do not label people as FAKES or that one’s ability is BS because you don’t understand or there is no scientific proof. Whether you believe or not remember we are so much more then just the physical and time and again the universe has shown us this.

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