Introducing Magic Northstar

Magic Northstar is curated by psychic medium Stevie “Seika” Groves. She is highly respected for her natural talent, many awards, and well-known expertise in the areas of intuition, paranormal investigation, and esoteric knowledge. For more than four decades, Seika has generously utilized her extraordinary psychic abilities to offer invaluable assistance to numerous individuals. Her captivating presence and abilities have mesmerized audiences on various platforms, including online, television, and face-to-face interactions.

The name Magic North Star derives from the northern star that serves as a luminous reminder for all those who journey, emphasizing the importance of personal growth and exploration. A constant reminder for all of us to stay rooted, remain modest, and nurture a compassionate state of mind.

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My intuitive ability is as natural to me as breathing – Seika


I didn’t always understand my ability. As a child I struggled to fit in with the other kids, and would experience intense, terrifying nightmares and visions. That was a time in my life when fear ruled my existence every single day. It wasn’t until I was about 10 years old that I experienced my first breakthrough in understanding. It began like any other sunny summer day when we were 10 years old…

I was playing outside with my brother and a few of his friends. We went for a swim in the small creek that meandered through the woods behind our house. There was a great spot where the water pooled, and was deep enough to swim. I recall joyfully playing in the water, hopping onto floating logs, until I decided to climb the sandy bank and bask in the refreshing dappled sunlight to regain my warmth. As I squeezed the water from my long hair, I became aware of a man standing to my right. I could see him very clearly. I do not recall his height, but he appeared to tower over me as I sat there. I was terrified, and I am certain I gasped aloud. I do not recall hearing him approach. He was wearing leather leggings, moccasins and had long dark hair that was loose, and he smelled of the wild grass that covered the field on the other side of the woods. He was carrying a leather satchel slung over his chest, and the bag lay on his left hip. I could not see all of his face. The top part was covered by a piece of fur. I remember thinking it looked like the head of a fox. Where the fox’s eyes should have been, his two dark brown eyes peered through the mask as he spoke to me. I did not understand his words. The language was not known to me, yet I could hear him clearly. At that moment, my brother’s friend splashed water up at me and yelled something to get my attention. I turned away from the Indigenous man for a few seconds then turned back, and he was gone. I asked the boys if they had seen anyone, and they laughed at me. I was certain he was there.

The appearance of this vivid manifestation marked the commencement, serving as the foundation I required to comprehend my previous encounters and understand the reason behind perceiving phenomena that remained invisible to everyone else.I wasn’t crazy, nor were the experiences nightmares. They were communications delivered to me through my mind’s eye.

With nearly four decades of experience unravelling these extraordinary interactions, I am now dedicated to helping others comprehend the vastness that lies beyond our imagination.

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