Introducing Magic Northstar

Magic Northstar is curated by me, Seika Groves. I am an award-winning and well respected intuitive, paranormal investigator, and historical expert. For over 40 years, I have shared my abilities with others across various platforms such as online, television, in person etc.

I use the name Magic Northstar for my business as it reminds me that I need to focus on a point of reference in terms of personal growth, and my intuitive work. I discovered early in my life (aged 10) that I have incredible insight, and in order to effectively harness that ability, I need to remain grounded, humble, and work compassionately. By doing so, I am able to bring shape and voice to spirit through my intuition.

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Intuition is as natural as breathing.

Seika Groves, BSc

I didn’t always understand my ability. As a child I struggled to fit in with the other kids, and would experience intense, terrifying nightmares and visions. That was a time in my life when fear ruled my existence every single day. It wasn’t until I was about 10 years old that I experienced my first breakthrough in understanding.

It began like any other sunny summer day when we are 10 years old. I was playing outside with my brother and a few of his friends. We went for a swim in the small creek that meandered through the woods behind our house. There was a great spot where the water pooled, and was deep enough to swim. After splashing around for a while and riding on some floating logs, I remember climbing up the sandy bank to sit in the dappled sunlight and warm myself up a bit. As I squeezed the water from my long hair, I became aware of a man standing to my right. I could see him very clearly. I do not recall his height, but he appeared to tower over me as I sat there. I was terrified, and I am certain I gasped aloud. I do not recall hearing him approach. He was wearing what appeared to be the clothing of an Indigenous person. Simple leather leggings, no shirt, and leather moccasins. His long dark hair was loose, and he smelled of the wild grass that covered the field on the other side of the woods. He was carrying a leather satchel slung over his chest, and the bag lay on his left hip. I could not see all of his face. The top part was covered by a piece of fur. I remember thinking it looked like the head of a fox. Where the fox’s eyes should have been, his two dark brown eyes peered through the mask as he spoke to me. I did not understand his words. The language was not known to me, yet I could hear him clearly. At that moment, my brother’s friend splashed water up at me and yelled something to get my attention. I turned away from the Indigenous man for a few seconds then turned back, and he was gone. I asked the boys if they had seen anyone, and they laughed at me. I was certain he was there. This clear apparition was the beginning, the stepping stone I needed to begin to make sense of my earlier experiences and why I was seeing things no one else seemed to see. I wasn’t crazy, nor were the experiences nightmares. They were communications delivered to me through my mind’s eye.

After some 40 years of experience deciphering these unusual occurrences, I now assist others in understanding there is more out there than we dare to realize.

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* All information shared with us is held in the strictest of confidence. All information shown on this website, at a location, or in person, is offered in the spirit of guidance and knowledge. We believe receiving qualified advice to be of good and positive benefit – how you choose to apply what you learn is your prerogative. The opinions of Seika, Magic Northstar and associated people are their own and may not align with your personal, spiritual, cultural, financial or familial situation. While we may offer advice or direction, your choices are ultimately your own – we do not take any responsibility for your actions.